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Digital Citizenship Hackathon

By Yael Yaron, Tel-Aviv Distict ICT Supervisor, MoE and Karina Batat Future Classroom Lead Ambassador for Israel

Beta School in collaboration with the ICT department in Tel Aviv district organized its 1st “Pedagogical Hackathon” on February the 9th 2016. Nineteen teams from 19 schools in the Tel Aviv District competed to design an activity aiming to raise awareness for Digital Citizenship in the community.
The idea was born by trying to convert the issue to something proactive among teachers and students, trying to link together e-Safety and Collaborative Learning!
The main goal of the Hackathon was to engage more schools to act toward Digital Citizenship by creating an innovative "product" in a tight schedule. The Aim of the DiCi contest to produce an outcome which:

  • Will be original and relevant to the team.
  • Will combine creative thinking and team work
  • Could be spread out in the school community and beyond.
  • Will Integrate technology optimally

DiCi Phases

1. Pre phase

a) Participants had to build a team of 5 members and choose one from the following  tracks: 

b) Before the Hackathon, they were asked to gain further knowledge about their chosen track. Participants could also chose between participating online or coming to Beta School to attend the Hackathon.

2. DiCi Hackathon: February, 9th, 2016

Dici Preliminary Online Phase                            Dici Design and Create Phase










The teams worked in a shared online OneNote we prepared to document the process. Each phase in the Hackathon was documented in a separate section. At the end of the DiCi Hackathon 19 products were uploaded to the online OneNote, Products Section. The outstanding products will be taken up by technological partners.

DiCi Hackathon testimonials

"We had a great experience. We learnt a lot about team work and working under pressure" Gordon Team

“The students had a formative experience ...We intend to take the track we have chosen and the app our students were planning one step forward. The app will allow to measure ethics in our digital network". Natan Yonatan Primary School

“We enjoyed the Hackathon! We hope to participate in similar events" Usha Team

"The Hackathon allow us to experience a different way of teaching/learning, working as team and using new digital tools, enhancing educational values". Ygal Alon School, Netanya

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