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Freixo School Cluster’s next step to innovation and technology integration in education- developing the Personalised Working Room

Freixo School Cluster is a public School located in Ponte de Lima Municipality, Portugal, with 700 students from K-9th Grade. Freixo School Cluster has been setting a consolidated path of innovation and technology integration in education.


Inspired by the Future Classroom Lab from European Schoolnet, the school has decided to go forward with one of their major challenges: to create a space where students and teachers can go further on and find answers to develop learning scenarios for 21st Century skills: a Personalised Working Room (PWR), where the center of all activity is the student interaction with other students and teachers.


This room will work as an open flexible space for teacher personal development, classes, extracurricular activities, research and development of innovative educational activities.


To achieve this project, the school is looking for the best Partners, which can contribute for one or more of the following areas:

  • (Infrastructures) To improve the space it is necessary to paint the walls, insulate the Create room, and change the floor, ceiling and lights.
  • (Furniture) To allow a better functionality and flexibility for PWR proper furniture like wheel chairs, standup tables, benches among others.
  • (Equipment) More updated equipment with increased functions like interactive tables and touch boards, a video conference system will provide a richer and fuller Learning Experience.
  • (Software) For a full Learning Experience software is crucial to have multimedia content available anywhere & anytime.

The space has a total of 97 m2, with wireless and electrical connections. So far, it has been equipped with laptops, tablets and other devices, video and sound systems and also experimental sciences and robotics materials.


Partners of the Freixo School Cluster will access the PWR for educational purposes, personal development, as well as a showroom to display their educational solutions and also the result of students and teachers’ innovative activities.

Partners are fundamental for the school to create unique opportunities of mutual learning, improvement and evolution, towards building an open and aware school for the world! 


Find Freixo School Cluster’s Partner engagement plan here. To receive more information please contact this email: director@aefreixo.pt

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