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International Conference on Media Education and Digital Competence - Online and on-site

Are you interested in media education and digital competence? Proposing actions and strategies for teaching and research in the field of Media and Information Literacy topics are in the spotlight of an upcoming conference, divided into online and face-to-face parts, organized by the Spanish Ministry of Education.




Firstly, the II Virtual Conference on Media Education and Digital Competence is addressed to all those professionals and students of education and communication interested in media and informational literacy. This online conference in Spanish is free-of-charge and it takes place on 1-31 May 2017 using the educaLAB platform. You can already register here.


The virtual conference can be taken independently, but it is also the first part of the III International Conference on Media Education and Digital Competence that takes place on 15-17 June 2017, in Segovia, Spain. This conference builds on the work of international scholars and practitioners from the fields of education and communication who participated in two previous conferences. The face-to-face conference has a small fee.


The two parts, online and face-to-face, are connected and complementary, but at the same time, they operate independently. While the face-to-face conference will provide opportunities for interaction and for the development of a rich and continuous discourse about the field, the online component of the conference extends the time for dialogue and provides ideas and archives that can be used to shape and support the face-to-face conference proceedings and post-conference field-building. The interested can either register for both parts together, online and face-to-face, or only for the online.


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