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Interpädagogica Austria 12-14 November 2015

By Hermann Morgenbesser, Future Classroom Lead Ambassador for Austria


Interpädagogica is Austria’s only trade fair for the education sector and is therefore the most important information hub for educators and all those interested in education. It offers a comprehensive overview of the latest developments, concepts and innovations for the education market and is the sector’s platform for exchanging information and opinions.

Austria Interpedagogica trade fair

This event is aimed at educators in all kinds of schools and child supervision institutions; and at representatives of school authorities and those running schools; at coaches and trainers, and people employed in youth work; at students of teaching-related courses, parents, and all those interested in adult further education.

Austria Interpedagogica - workshop

This year students from LMS Münzkirchen (Upper Austria) and KIS Klosterneuburg presented their competences and experiences with tablets using a new eBook, called Inter(net)aktiv. All content in this book fulfils the Austrian lesson plan. The eBooks follow the ideas of Learning Activities, coming out from European Schoolnet projects iTEC and Creative Classrooms Lab (CCL). All content follows the recommendations of the Future Classroom Toolkit. eBook and printed version can be used in parallel running, the book will be offered for all lessons of Grade 5 to Grade 8 until 2018. A teachers’ handbook and a workbook for students will be available.

Interpedagogica Austria trade fair


Staff from BMBF and ENIS Austria supported teachers and students with a prototype of a Mobile Future Classroom.

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