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Portuguese innovative educational spaces at Futurália and Qualifica Fairs

 by Maria Teresa Godinho Future Classroom Lead Ambassador for Portugal


Portuguese innovative educational spaces were presented at two big educational fairs. With the motto "Innovation - The Future is Today", the Directorate-General for Education (DGE) that coordinates these projects, was present both at Futuralia (Lisbon) and Qualifica (Oporto) exhibitions, which took place between March 16th and 19th 2016 (Futuralia) and April 16th and 19th 2016 (Qualifica).











These fairs offer educational, training and employability information and opportunities intended for students and the educational community. The fairs were privileged moments to disseminate and promote DGE’s vision for education in a near future in the fields of pedagogical and didactic innovation, and they also served as an opportunity to recreate an "Innovative Educational Environment". It allowed the promotion of good practice in schools which are being implemented at these environments, reflection on the improvement of pedagogy, technology and design in an educational context. It also promoted the access and exploration of teaching and learning resources to support the educational community.


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