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Pedagogical scenarios & videos

The Future Classroom Lab Regional network, with the help of innovative teachers/ICT advisers nominated by all partners of the project developed future classroom scenarios and learning activities involving the use of mobile devices and K-12 cloud services produced as a result of a collaborative work which started at EUN Future Classroom Lab in Brussels and continued afterwards between the schools.

These scenarios were used to inspire and encourage teachers across Europe who wish to implement pedagogical scenarios related to mobile learning and use of cloud services.

Teachers then work with a professional video production company to plan how a lesson involving these scenarios can be filmed in a school in each region. You will find all their scenarios and videos with great examples related to mobile learning and use of cloud services below:

Take a look at one of the teaser video here:

Collaborative project of coding between two schools in Sweden

Do you want the full scenarios and videos? Watch those developed during the project and enjoy some innovative pedagogical approaches. You can aslo check out the micro-innovative activities at the section of the innovation pills!