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Recommendations for policy makers

Recommendations and guidelines for regional policy makers: Mobile learning & cloud services - Beyond the text book

During its first year, the FCL Regio project has particularly focused on several key questions. What is mobile learning? What are cloud services for schools? How can they support a ‘beyond the textbook' strategy? What are the potential benefits of introducing these technologies in the classroom? These and other questions led the discussions at the first Strategic Seminar, informed an online questionnaire dedicated to local policy makers, as well as inspired face-to-face consultations with national and regional decision makers. The resulting main findings and seven key recommendations for regional policy makers, are summarised in the following publication: Mobile learning & cloud services - Beyond the text book. Recommendations and guidelines for policy makers.


Recommendations and guidelines for regional policy makers: Mobile learning & cloud services - teacher induction and continuing professional development

During the second year of the FCL Regio project, it has been considered important to focus on initial teacher education and continuing professional development of teachers. The FCL Regio project has purticularly focused on the following questions: What are the frameworks and standards that should be used to describe and structure teachers' digital competences in order to make effective use of ICT in the classroom? Which are the most effective methods for training teachers and how should these be implemented by regional public authorities? What practical roadblocks or opportunities should be taken into consideration to guarantee the smooth deployment of training programmes for teachers? Download the full publication here.


Recommendations and guidelines for regional policy makers: Mobile learning and cloud services - Encourage and Support the Uptake of Innovation in Schools

During the third year of activity, the consortium of the FCL Regio project decided to investigate how regions can better encourage and support the uptake of innovation in all schools. A number of reports, studies, projects and pilots have provided the context for discussions within the project, and have also contributed to formulating and revising the recommendations being made in this document. How can we further support innovation so it can become sustainable and long lasting? How can one best support whole school use of ICT? Read all the recommendations here.