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29 Sep

FCL course: Make learning accessible: Special Educational Needs in my classroom

Location: Brussels

Country: Belgium

Organizer: Future Classroom Lab

Event type: workshop

Target group:

Topic: Innovation

Language: English

According to the TALIS study in 2013, teachers stated that supporting students with special needs were one of their greatest needs. The term "special needs" usually covers those for whom a special learning need has been formally identified because they are mentally, physically or emotionally disadvantaged. ICT can benefit all students, but for those with disabilities it enables them to access learning, gives them greater autonomy, unlocks the potential for those with communication difficulties, etc.

The workshop will provide an introduction for teachers who would like to learn how to design lessons and activities for children with learning difficulties.

Dates: 29-30 September 2018

URL: http://fcl.eun.org/courses