Corinth logoCorinth is a Czech-based startup eager to push the boundaries of e-learning. At Corinth, we believe that it takes every member of the education community to push forward and grow together. We come from a variety of backgrounds – artists, engineers, teachers and game designers. We are all learners as well, for the curious never stop learning and absorbing the world around them.

Corinth Classroom

Corinth ClassroomCorinth Classroom is an education app developed by Corinth. The core of the app is a library of premium interactive digital learning content. There are hundreds of learning objects available from a wide variety of disciplines. Quality content and accuracy is vetted by our expert partners at top global universities.

The free version of Corinth Classroom contains five 3D interactive models with details. To unlock five additional models, you will need a license key. If you don't have a license key, you can get one for filling out a questionnaire about your user experience.


  • five 3-D interactive models with detailed parts (additional content can be obtained)
  • ability to highlight each part of models for a complex visualization
  • zoom and 3-D rotation of models for a exciting and detailed view
  • built-in fill-in-the-blank mode to practice and test students' knowledge
  • search tool using model names and tags
  • ability to switch between various language versions and to show two languages at once
  • deep Zoom and Augmented Reality functions for captivating visual experience
  • screenshot function to create unlimited amount of images for your learning resources
  • ability to add your own notes to models
  • integration with MS Office 2010 and 2013 for the use of models in presentations and documents

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