Cronos Groep logoCronos is an e-business integrator with expertise in a large number of technologies. It is our mission to continuously track the latest and most valuable information and communication technology. Through constant investment in new technology we gain knowledge, and by working together with early adopters we gain experience. It is our challenge to transform this knowledge and experience into strategic solutions. We definitely apply this approach when it comes to digital learning solutions and are closely cooperating with educational publishers, hardware vendors and L&D professionals.

Cronos in education

Within the Cronos Group, several units provide consultancy on digital learning tools, amongst which implementation of Learning Management Systems and advice on Authoring Tools. We deliver digital learning solutions as well, designing and developing innovative applications such as mobile learning apps, serious games, digital whiteboard applications, Multi-screen interactivity solutions, smart TV applications, and so on. We deliver this solutions together with hard- or software providers, amongst which some are present in the Future Classroom Lab.

  • Apie op Digifari - The "Apie op Digifari" project aims to introduce multimedia in preschool (kindergarten). The idea is to deliver a complete set of devices and an exhaustive program with guidelines for the teacher, for one week : tablets, cameras, screen, beamer and Kinect, and access to a website to gather and share the results of an inspiring week in which a very special monkey on a digital safari arrives in the classroom, and stays for a week. The activity program sticks close to the educational goals for preschool children (age 4-5). Teachers learn how multimedia can facilitate learning!
  • Ben de BeverBen de Bever - The 'Ben de Bever' project for K12 aims to provide children with an attractive game, in order to adopt the right habits when it comes to tooth brushing. The game can be played at home or at school. At school, teachers refer to the game and sing the game song in the classroom. Tooth brushing is part of their courses on health and well being. A study demonstrated that children became much more motivated thanks to this game.
  • Edutablet - EduTab is targeting three concrete goals to achieve this: identification of opportunities in terms of digital teaching aids; further development of the most interesting of these opportunities, spread over three relevant domains (mathematics, languages and physics); and practical implementation in a living lab of schools with a different level of digitization.