This page shares the work of the FCL-ITE (Initial Teacher Education) group: Evidence and research; Content and training; Sharing and community.

The FCL-ITE group continues the knowledge exchange around the need to innovate in ITE to support the development of the digital pedagogical competences of student teachers. The group continues the work started as part of the EC-funded ITELab project  (2017-2019) and engages all education stakeholders ( universities, industry, schools, MoE and policymakers) with its work being shared in online events and at EUN's FCL School Innovation Forum and EMINENT 2020.

Evidence and research

The FCL-ITE group builds on the evidence of the ITELab project:

The group of universities and industry kicked off in January 2020 with a discussion on FCL-ITE research topics (teacher educator competences, teachers as lifelong learners, student voice, teaching modules frameworks and MOOC, case studies). The group will meet monthly to produce a co-edited research paper to contribute to the discussions at EUN's School Innovation Forum (11-12 June 2020, Brussels) and sharing the work across the wider network of conferences and workshop.

ITE monitoring research 2020 continues, sharing recent publications of interest, e.g.:

  1. How Artificial Intelligence will impact K-12 teachers, McKinsey January 2020
  2. UK education inspectorate view on effective ITE and short article on report.  Feb 2020

FCL-ITE evidence and research group coordinator: Roger Blamire, European Schoolnet, roger.blamire@eun.org

Content and training

The three in-class flexible module frameworks (EN, IT, NO, PT) and ‘Networked Teacher' MOOC co-designed and piloted in ITELab are available to download here. Listen to universities from eight countries sharing their experiences and ITE good practices from implementation: see the TeachMeet below.

The FCL-ITE group is running a workshop in June 2020 (see under courses) for university teacher educators to share practical strategies and how the teaching modules and MOOC can support the objectives of pedagogical innovation, supporting an international networking experience for student teachers registering for the ‘Networked Teacher' MOOC, Autumn 2020.

EUN training and community coordinator: Bart Verswijvel, European Schoolnet, bart.verswijvel@eun.org

Sharing and community

Sharing of knowledge and building the community continues in 2020 with a series of FCL Talks (webinars in Teachmeets style), workshops and conferences.

The FCL Talks are open to anyone who wants to share non-commercial content in the field of innovative education (projects, classroom ideas, initiatives, events, space design, edtech etc.). Speakers can present for a maximum of 5 up to 7 minutes. Volunteers can register here: http://bit.ly/fcl-talks

Please go to the FCLTalks section the website to more info.

EUN training and community coordinator: Bart Verswijvel, European Schoolnet, bart.verswijvel@eun.org


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