Event detail

20 okt

Hands on Hack - Coding jam at the Future Classroom Lab 2017

Location: worldwide

Organizer: European Coding Initiative

Event type: andet

Target group: uddannelsesmæssig myndighed,  offentligheden,  industri,  elever,  politiske beslutningstagere,  lærere

Ttopic: Digitalt Borgerskab

Language: Engelsk

The European Coding Initiative, along with the Future Classroom Lab ambassadors, isorganizing an international online coding jam on 20 October 2017, where teams fromschools and learning labs across Europe and beyond will have the chance to build and sharetheir projects.The organisers will lead the work from the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels, and any teamjoining up the initiative is most welcome to organise its own branch event, participate tothe competition and connect online.

URL: http://fcl.eun.org/web/guest/news/details?articleId=2195785