EduFor Innov@tive Classroom Lab

The EduFor Innov@tive Classroom Lab will be used in teachers' training and by students as a classroom. It offers an innovative educational environment which challenges its users and visitors to rethink pedagogy's role and the classroom's design and technology. It will involve students, teachers, industrial partners and other educational enterprises in order to develop views about the ‘School of the Future' and also to think up strategies that will allow ideas to be put into practice. The classroom will also offer activities students with special educational needs.

EduFor Innov@tive Classroom Lab receives financial support from various skateholders, the Municipality of Mangualde, EduFor Training Centre and local companies.  

Commercial Partners:

Besides comercial partnershps the lab has other institutional partners:


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Centro de Formação EduFor Escola Secundária Felismina Alcântara

Rua Aristides Sousa Mendes

3534-003 Mangualde