AcerWith over 40 years of experience in developing innovative and easy-to-use devices, Acer is well placed to meet the needs of modern educational institutions. At Acer, we believe that the most valuable part of computing lies in its power to spread knowledge, and we see it as our responsibility to provide today's generation with the instruments they need to develop 21st century skills and succeed in the information age.

Tools for dynamic learning environment

Acer-Chromebook for Education

  • Speed through your tasks, with the latest processor technology.

  • Os and apps get updated automatically.

  • Top manageability with Google Management console.

  • Integrated security features protect against any threats.

Explore the impact of Acer Chromebooks and the associated Google tools on both pedagogical and administrative processes in the classroom and school in the Evaluation report from the Chromebook Research and Professional Development Programme.


Acer Switch tablet for Education

  • Sharing: Turn the screen towards your classmates to work in a group. Zero Air Gap screen technology guarantees sharper, reflection free images.

  • Display: Flip it over and set it tent-like to watch a podcast lesson with your schoolmates. Thanks to IPS technology images are vivid and bright from every angle.

  • Create: Need to write an essay, create project slides or a chart for the maths assignment? Just clip it to the keyboard. Innovative Snap Hinge™ technology provides and wobble-free experience.


Acer Classroom Manager

Acer Classroom Manager (ACM) is free of charge and can be preinstalled on all Acer products or downloaded from the Acer global website.

How Acer Classroom Manager can help teachers:

  • Centrally instruct students on their computers or share and demonstrate content

  • Monitor students and help them to focus on topics and discussions

  • Maximise time management by making it easier to access content

  • Keep track of and effortlessly capture and save lesson details


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