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Europeana DSI-2

Launched in July 2016, Europeana DSI-2 operates a multi-sided platform for cultural heritage. It aims to maximise impact for business' that wish to re-use cultural heritage data and the organisations that own digital or digitised objects by attracting the attention of new users. The role of European Schoolnet in the project is to carry out a validation pilot involving 20 teachers from 10 countries who develop and test pedagogical scenarios and learning activities that incorporate Europeana content. The objective is to help mainstream re-use of digital cultural content in primary and secondary schools.

First project workshop

Twenty teachers of all disciplines from 10 EU countries took part in a workshop — from 28-29 November 2016, led and hosted by European Schoolnet (EUN) in Brussels — to help them better understand how educators are engaging with, searching for and using digital cultural heritage content. 

During this workshop, teachers were introduced to some of the best techniques for finding content. As practical exercise during the workshop, teachers had to choose a theme and find related content from either art history or the First World War on Europeana using a variety of media — from exhibitions to letters to videos — and to create a learning activity exploring that theme and present this to the group. Find more information about the workshop in the dedicated blog post

Following the workshop, the teachers started the 1st pilot phase of the programme (December 2016-February 2017) by returning to their school to further communicate and develop the learning activities such as: presenting Europeana at school, integrating Europeana data in the classroom, organize a class activity, etc. The 1st pilot ended up with an online meeting on 6th&7th February 2017 when the 20 pilot teachers from across 10 European countries shared their work done so far in the project. 

Second project workshop 

The 2nd Europeana DSI2 workshop "Magic in the classroom", led and hosted by European Schoolnet (EUN) in Brussels, took place on the 27th&28th February 2017 in the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) introducing to teachers digital tools for tours, exhibitions and e-learning.

During these two days, the twenty teachers involved in the pilot are developing pedagogical scenarios, which will be tested with their students upon their return to the school. Additionally, short videos of teachers have been taken during the workshop to share their experience with the project and use as good practices in future online trainings. Find more information about the workshop in the dedicated blog post

Project Outputs

The scenarios and learning activities developed in the project, will be available here in the summer of 2017.