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Future Classroom Lab Regional Network (FCL Regio)


FCLregio aims at finding new ways to allow for a more active participation by decision makers in regions in pan-European activities.

The project specifically supports the integration of ICT in teaching and learning through the development of Future Classroom Scenarios and videos designed to guide policy makers, educators and school leaders in the proficient use of technology and innovative pedagogical techniques. The network of regional and local authorities which will be established by the FCLregio project will particularly focus on the creation and support of resources and in-service training opportunities for teachers.

The project also aims to support the transformative actions proposed by the Commission's Opening Up Education (OUE) communication in 2013, one of which calls for the creation of a "European Hub of Digitally Innovative institutions, showcasing and piloting innovative ICT-based pedagogical and organisations and practices". The FCLregio response to OUE is to put in place a hub or partnership of digitally innovative regions in order to help address the "mainstreaming gap" in terms how ICT is currently implemented in schools in many countries. 

Project goals

  • Strengthen cooperation between decision makers developing and implementing ICT strategies for schools working at national and regional levels based on an exchange of practices and joint working related to the use of mobile devices and the development of cloud services.
  • Showcase innovative classroom practice in regions and produce strategic guidelines for those attempting to mainstream ICT in schools, particularly related to pedagogical scenarios involving mobile devices and K-12 learning cloud services.
  • Provide practical guidelines, recommendations, resources and other support materials for head teachers and school leaders developing strategies for whole school use of mobile devices and cloud services.

Recommendations and guidelines for policy makers

During its first year, the FCL Regio project has particularly focused on several key questions. What is mobile learning? What are cloud services for schools? How can they support a ‘beyond the textbook' strategy? What are the potential benefits of introducing these technologies in the classroom? These and other questions led the discussions at the first Strategic Seminar, informed an online questionnaire dedicated to local policy makers, as well as inspired face-to-face consultations with national and regional decision makers. The resulting main findings and seven key recommendations for regional policy makers, are summarised in the following publication: MOBILE LEARNING & CLOUD SERVICES, BEYOND THE TEXTBOOK, Recommendations and guidelines for policy makers.

Pedagogical scenarios & videos

The Future Classroom Lab Regional network, with the help of innovative teachers/ICT advisers nominated by all partners of the project developed future classroom scenarios and learning activities involving the use of mobile devices and K-12 cloud services produced as a result of a collaborative work which started at EUN Future Classroom Lab in Brussels and continued afterwards between the schools.

These scenarios were used to inspire and encourage teachers across Europe who wish to implement pedagogical scenarios related to mobile learning and use of cloud services.

Teachers then work with a professional video production company to plan how a lesson involving these scenarios can be filmed in a school in each region. You will find all their scenarios and videos with great examples related to mobile learning and use of cloud services below:

Take a look at one of the teaser video here:

Collaborative project of coding between two schools in Sweden

You want the full scenarios and videos? Watch them under and

Upcoming events

Past events

10-11 May 2017 - FCL Regio 2nd Breakfast expert talks & Strategic Seminar:

Mobile learning and cloud computing for education – training the teachers of tomorrow.

Venue: Future Classroom Lab, European Schoolnet, Rue de Trèves 61, B-1040 Brussels, third floor

During the breakfast expert talks, experts came together to discuss policies for mainstreaming innovative teaching and learning through training and engaging all the teachers in the transformation process. How are Regions providing educators with the skills and competences they need to effectively use educational technology in the classroom? What can teacher-training providers do to empower educators to make the best of the digital transformation in the education sector? These are some of the questions to which FCL Regio aims to give an answer.

The meeting was also an opportunity for the participants to learn more about the recent developments of the Future Classroom Lab Regional network and to visit the Future Classroom Lab, an inspirational learning environment in Brussels where pedagogy, technology and space (furniture) are merged in order to challenge teachers and policy makers in providing innovative teaching.

You will find here the Agenda of the event.

12 October 2016 - European Schoolnet  Future Classroom Lab Open Day:

ICT and innovation in teaching and learning: opportunities for Regions and cities to promote better social inclusion

Venue: European Schoolnet, Rue de Trèves, 1040, Brussels

European Schoolnet and the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) opened their doors to regional and local representatives during the "European Schoolnet FCL Open Day", co-organized by FCL Regio and Scientix.

The open day, specifically dedicated to Regions and Cities, took place during the European Week of Regions and Cities and had a specific focus on e-inclusion and STEM careers.

During the 1h and 15' programme, presentations of various EU funded projects, such as Scientix, FCL Regio, BIK-NET etc. and the FCL Discovery session, allowed participants to explore how they can collaborate and contribute further to innovation in teaching and learning in line with the objective to support the vulnerable groups within their remit and improve employability opportunities corresponding to the labour market.

Download the programme here. You can find the Open Day presentations, following the links below: 

10 May 2016 - FCL Regio 1st Breakfast expert talks & Strategic Seminar:

Beyond the text book - How  regions support the development, access and use of digital educational contents in school

Venue: Common Representation of the European Region Tyrol – South Tyrol – Trentino, rue de Pascale 45-37, B-1040 Brussels

During the breakfast expert talks and the 1st Strategic Seminar, project partners, regional representatives as well as decision makers in national ministries, came together to discuss how regions are responding to developing, accessing and using digital educational resources.

Most importantly, the meeting provided an early opportunity for the participants to contribute to the shaping of a pan-European network of Regional authorities active in the education sector, which represents the ultimate aim of the project itself.

Please find here the Agenda of the event.

For more information about the discussions and presentations during the expert talks, please see the event's dedicated page

For more information

Please contact: Tommaso Dalla Vecchia