MATATALAB CO., LTD. Is a young start-up company, founded in early 2017 by a team of four robot developers who, faced with their own children entering kindergarten age, dreamt of combining their passion with their children's education. Partnering with great educational minds, and with a background at the world's biggest internet companies, the team behind Matatalab strives to provide an equal opportunity learning experience for children through simple logic and robotics. Find out more at

Matatalab STEAM learning solution - PreK to Elementary

Inspiring educators to use Matatalab as more than just a way to teach, but also as a way to inspire children to use Matatalab as a tool to expand kids' imaginations, Matatalab provides integrated STEAM solution from innovative hands-on coding robots, creative expansion packs, to curriculums aligned with local educational standards of each country and region.

Matatalab Lite – for aged 3+

Matatalab Lite is an adorable and easy-to-use coding robot ready to take young kids aged 3+ on an exciting coding adventure. It consists of a responsive robot car and a wireless Controller with 3 modes. Developing problem solving skills, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration to your kids thru hands-on coding gameplays. Kids discover the fun of basic coding concepts such as sequencing, conditionals and debugging and will constantly be challenged with advanced tasks.

Matatalab Coding Set – for aged 4+

Matatalab Coding set is a new hands-on coding robot for STEAM education, without the need for screen and literacy. Kids use their imagination to create infinite possibilities using coding blocks, by controlling a robot car through coding algorithms. They learn fundamental coding skills and develop necessary cognitive abilities through educational coding games from a young age.

Expansion packs

Animation Add-on – Code to Animate

Take advantage of MatataBot's ‘Go Draw' feature. With these coding blocks, kids can program the MatataBot to draw amazing shapes and move in unique ways. They can also customize the Matabot's eyes with different colors and make funny sounds! Finally, kids can now animate the MatataBot how they like thru hands-on play!

Sensor Add-on – Next level of coding

The sensor function enhances the coding adventure as kids can now program the MatataBot to detect and react to obstacles, colors, and even sound! Kids can also control the onboard LED lights embedded into the Matatalab Controller to customize their code to their imagination.

Artist Add-on - Code to play art

Kids can draw beautiful graphics and pictures through programming, towards the more advanced stages of coding their mathematical theories of geometry also improves.

Musician Add-on - Code to play music

Kids learn notes and beats through programming. With free combination, kids can compose their favorite music, or even create their own now!​



The previous hands-on learning plants the seed of programming. Kids proceed to further learning on Apps with confidence. MatataCode is a graphical programming App based on Blockly. Breaking the physical limit, kids can use their imagination to create more possibilities with MatataBot in the real world, thru this App!


Aligned with local educational standards of each country and region, Matatalab works with local publishers to develop STEAM curriculum

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Matatalab functions

  • Play logic games
  • Compose beautiful music
  • Draw creative shapes

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