Gaia Technologies

Gaia Tech.Formed in 1992, Gaia Technologies has become one of the leading providers of ICT solutions to UK schools. From our headquarters in Bangor, and with operational bases in Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and London, we currently look after over 500 education customers.
Through a well-earned reputation for innovation, commitment to customer care and an unrivalled track record for on-time and on-budget delivery of projects, Gaia has established itself as a trusted partner for schools.

Students' immersion within 3D images

Gaia's latest offering for education are the unique 3D Immersive Visualization Systems. These projection solutions offer a unique method for conveying abstract or complex issues to large groups through experiences that allow environments and images to be observed in detail,in full 3D, from within.

The Gaia 3D Viewer has been designed with the classroom in mind. The lessons cover all subjects from Biology to History and Geography. Each lesson can be enhanced by the teacher with the capability to quickly and easily embed external assets directly into the lessons provided.

The Viewer is compatible with a wide range of external assets from PowerPoint presentations, to web links and animation files. Teachers wanting to add any of their own assets can easily do so and those added in standard format (such as .3ds and .obj) will instantly be available within the Viewer. Assets can also be embedded directly from sites such as Google Warehouse, opening up an extensive external library. These assets can be drawn on each time the lesson is loaded.

Our full environments, such as the Roman City and Pond Ecosystem, allow teachers and pupils to explore and discover in a virtual environment. Using the camera function in the Viewer, teachers may individually determine and control the path they wish to travel inside any selected 3D environment. For instance, take the classroom on a virtual tour of ancient Giza or on an underwater hunt for tadpoles.

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