ICWG Expert Outputs

Mini-case studies

Experts have prepared mini-case studies on their experience and the impact of personalising learning in their school and classrooms. The aim of the mini-case is to help other educational professionals learn from and be inspired by experts' experience. Find mini-case studies below:

Personalising learning activities

Experts from the ICWG Personalising Learning expert group are in the process of preparing learning activities with the aim of sharing examples of what is going on in their schools. These activities are practical and short, giving easy to follow instructions for others to follow as a short training activity.

The first short learning activity was prepared by  Luis Fernandes and focuses on special needs pupil. 


Niall O'Connor (Ireland) and Philippe Favre (Switzerland) have jointly developed a learning activity on the topic of assessment, sharing experience and examples from their schools. This learning activity includes a video screencast of Niall as part of the last slide.

Alicia Bankhofer (Vienna, Austria) has developed a short learning activity with a focus on creativity. Watch Alicia's screencast here for more details about her learning activity.

Walter Steinkogler (Austria) has prepared a short learning activity, focusing on oral feedback to students.