ICWG personalising learning

In 2016, the ICWG work plan focuses on different approaches to personalising learning. The ICWG Personalising Learning expert group consists of experts (school leaders, teacher trainers and practitioners) who have been recommended by their respective Ministries of Education, as recognised experts in personalising learning.  Leaders of schools and trainers that are helping other teachers develop their skills. Find more about the group in the Expert profiles section.  


Personalising Learning work plan and timeline

  • March 2016: experts presenting to Ministries of Education at ICWG meeting.
  • May 2016: expert, Luis Fernandes (Director, AE Freixo, Portugal) presents session on special education needs learning activity (inset the link to that)
  • Autumn 2016: schedule to be published on expert sessions covering: assessment, creativity.

Experts and Outputs

Expert School Mini-case Learning activity
Alicia Bankhofer (Austria) RGORG Anton-Krieger-Gasse Personalising learning – focus on creativity
Niall O'Connor (Ireland)  Le Cheile Secondary School Personalising learning - assessment
Philippe Favre (Switzerland)  Planzette Personalising learning - assessment
Luis Fernandes (Portugal)  Freixo School Cluster Personalising learning- Special Needs Students
Renzo Colliva (Italy)  IIS "Luca Pacioli to be confirmed
Walter Steinkogler (Austria)   Abendgymnasium Salzburg Personalising learning - Oral student feedback with screencasts
Ole Petter Riksaasen Dahl (Norway)  Digital Educationalist, Fredheim Adult, Kongsberg Municipality to be confirmed
Svetlana Vladimirova (Estonia)  Jarve Russian Gymnasium to be confirmed