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New partners joining the Future Classroom Lab


Within the past months any new industry partners have joined the Future Classroom Lab. With their innovative solutions and expertise, these companies allow European Schoolnet to further extend their outreach to teachers, educational institutions and other relevant stakeholders.

Learning environment design for future classrooms


Dr. Lennie Scott-Webber, Director of Education Environments at Steelcase Inc., talks about design resolutions that empower learning. See the interview to find out how evidenced-based design methodologies and knowledge of how we learn can be used to create better learning environments.

'Hands-on' at the Future Classroom Lab Replica


On 11 December the European Commission celebrated a conference "Education in the Digital Era" for high-level European policy-makers. Several Ministers of Education and other senior decision-makers attended the conference in Brussels.

Future Classroom Lab opens in China


On 9th November, the Chinese National Institute of Educational Sciences, a division of the Chinese Ministry of Education, launched its "Future School Programme". The Programme is designed to support Chinese schools in adopting 21st century pedagogies and the use of technology in the classroom. At the heart of the Programme is the first Asian Future Classroom Lab which was opened during the launch event for the Future School Programme.

Join the Hour of Code on 8-14 Dec


The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics.

Interview with Warren Barkley on skills and collaboration


Warren Barkley, the Chief Technology Officer for SMART Technologies, talks in this interview on technology in schools, speed of change, collaborative and other skills needed in future jobs, and scaling up the the best pedagogical practice across schools.

Primary School children visiting the Future Classroom Lab


The Future Classroom Lab, which is mostly visited by teachers and policy-makers, underwent the ultimate reality test on 17 June 2014, when 36 children from the FCL - students exploringEuropean School of Brussels IV spent a morning there doing various activities in each zone

The second FCL magazine published


Read the results of the pan-European iTEC project in the second FCL magazine. This issue is available in five languages.

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