Polycom logoPolycom started in 1990 with a vision of transforming a simple device—the speaker phone—into an indispensable tool, and through the power of technology has grown to collaboration solutions serving industries and enterprises of all shapes and sizes. 

We have two decades of innovation and over 800 technology patents that underline our mission to push human collaboration forward. We create amazing solutions and innovative user experiences that help millions around the world solve complex problems, generate new ideas, gain deeper understanding, educate students, protect the planet, and save lives.

Interactive visual solutions for the classroom

Polycom provides rich, interactive visual solutions that improve all facets of education—from student administration to course development to curriculum delivery to content management. Polycom RealPresence video solutions, along with our tailored education programmes and content, makes rich blended learning a reality even for the most challenged budgets, giving teachers the tools to engage students with more interactive and innovative educational experiences.

In addition, and based on practical understanding, our educational resources have been developed by educators who experienced the challenges of effectively integrating technology into a learning environment. Our tools have been designed to provide quick easy access to rich resources needed for enhancing your curriculum.

Polycom offers video solutions for live and on-demand video conferencing, recording and streaming to enable you to visually collaborate in and out of class or around the world. You can do project-based learning, bring in subject matter experts, or connect to museums, science centres, authors and the like worldwide. Take your students virtually diving off the Great Barrier Reef or connect your students to another class across the globe to produce a joint project or interact in a cultural exchange.

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