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At IRIS Connect we are dedicated to improving educational outcomes by raising the standards of teaching and learning world-wide.

Our innovative solution radically improves professional development by enabling the types of learning that research has shown to support teachers and improve student outcomes. This includes: personalised, contextualised and experiential learning, peer-to-peer collaboration, real time remote coaching and global collaborative learning communities.

Our collaborative Continuing Professional Development (CPD) solution empowers schools to harness their collective capacity by enabling all teachers to reflect on their practice, access examples of great teaching and share expertise.

"If you want to develop and improve your teaching, IRIS Connect is dynamite."

Matthew McDonald, Director of Learning and Teaching, Wakefield City Academy Trust

Empowering teachers' professional development

With ease of use, security and permissions at its heart, IRIS Connect helps tens of thousands of teachers take evidence-based approaches to developing their practice.

Our intuitive and secure cloud-based platform and mobile camera systems allow you to record your lessons, reflect privately, share with colleagues and collaborate with a community of teaching professionals, anytime, anywhere. 

"IRIS Connect is the most powerful tool I've used in my 20 years of teaching."

Sarah Boldero, Year 6 Team Leader, Oak Hill Academy

With IRIS Connect you can:

  • Access and share theory, linked to practice
  • Record and reflect privately on teaching and learning
  • Share securely with peers within your school and beyond
  • Engage in contextualized discussion and feedback 
  • Access time shifted or live remote coaching
  • Collaborate with our growing, global community of educators
  • Turn every lesson into a meaningful CPD opportunity

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