MATATALAB CO., LTD. Is young start-up company, founded in early 2017 by a team of four robot developers who, faced with their own children entering kindergarten age, dreamt of combining their passion with their children's education. Partnering with great educational minds, and with a background at the world's biggest internet companies, the team behind MatataLab strives to provide an equal opportunity learning experience for children through simple logic and robotics. Find out more at

A new hands-on coding robot for kids ages 4-9

Let kids learn to code just by playing. No need for a screen, a keyboard or literacy. Kids will program a robot, create music and art!


The MatataLab educational robot kit was designed for children of ages 4 to 9, allowing families and educators to enjoy exploring the children's first foray into programming, music, and art, making it one of the first educational robots indiscriminative of race, gender or education level.

By the age of four children can already use numbers and symbols to represent data and actions as well as encode or decode words with pictographs – and in fact, these are similar to the basic actions of programming logic used in robotics.

We know kids naturally play and learn by using their hands, building stuff and doing things together. This is essential, and it remind us about tangible programming which makes code physical, so kids can play with it.

With simple logical games, plus a robot to make it fun and give instant feedback, coding is not necessary to be difficult. Starting young and equipped with the understanding of fundamental concepts, children at a later age will be able to grasp more abstract concepts of real programming at school and can learn without fear.

See MatataLab introduction in action

MatataLab functions

  • Play Adventure games
  • Compose creative music
  • Draw digital art

How MatataLab works

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