Social Media Literacy for Change MOOC

The multilingual Social Media Literacy for Change MOOC, co-created by European Schoolnet in collaboration with a group of teachers for teachers will take the form of an online capacity building scheme aimed to empower schools leaders and teachers to develop, implement and assess a whole-school SML strategy in response to societal challenges.

Practical information

Who is it for?

This online course will be catering for the needs of heads of schools, primary and secondary schools as well as teachers in initial training


6.5 weeks divided into 5 modules

Start date:

29 April 2019

End date:

12 June 2019


English (Greek, Spanish, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Dutch and German translations of content and video transcripts will be available)

What will participants learn?

Following this online course will allow participants to:

  • Receive advice from experts and peers, as well as concrete suggestions about how to develop a social media literacy strategy for schools. ;
  • Have access to videos of inspiring practice and other support material;
  • Find a community of like-minded professionals on the course who can support them in improving school practices;
  • Reflect, discuss and share about these topics;
  • Use a variety of online tools and social media to communicate and engage in some peer review activities
  • Define their own strategy, step by step


The MOOC will consist of 5 modules, each of them focusing on the following aspects:

  1. What is social media literacy?
  2. What is a social media literacy strategy?
  3. How to develop a meaningful social media literacy strategy at your school?
  4. Implementing your strategy
  5. Assessing the effectiveness of your strategy

Upon completion of the online course, participants will receive a course badge and a certificate. By the end of the course, participants will have been able to design their own social media literacy strategy for their school.


Registration for the sml4change MOOC is now open on the European Schoolnet Academy website.


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