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FCL Workshop: Making learning accessible – SEN in my classroom


Our students come to the school with a range of experiences, needs and backgrounds. Being aware of the diversity of students and finding ways to leverage the benefits of this diversity in the classroom is a core challenge for educators nowadays. The Future Classroom Lab workshop "Make learning accessible: Special Educational Needs in my classroom" held on 29-30 September 2018 in Brussels, led the participants to develop their own ideas about inclusive learning.

Call for Europeana DSI-4 Teacher Ambassadors


European Schoolnet is looking for 12 teachers from 12 different European countries (one teacher per country, teaching either in secondary or primary education) covering a range of disciplines and curriculum topics to join the Europeana DSI-4 project (October 2018 – August 2020) as Europeana Teacher Ambassadors.

FCL Summer Academy – Unleashing our creative genius!


Innovation and creativity have become critical skills in developed economies. More and more problems demand a new mindset that includes creative insights in order to find suitable solutions. The Future Classroom Lab Summer Academy course "Enhancing creativity and innovation in my classroom" held on 2-6 July 2018 in Brussels, led the participants to reflect on how to infuse creativity and innovation in their classrooms.

FCL course: STEM in primary school classrooms


Considering the employability demands of tomorrow, STEM education plays a paramount role in our new information-based and highly technological society, as it creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators.

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