Time To Know

Time To Know logoTime to Know was founded in 2005, with the aim of improving both the teaching and learning experience by enabling the 'upgrade' of curriculums and teaching materials for today's digital native students. Over the years Time To Know has grown into a global leader in the area of educational authoring platforms, and is the first company to show proven results, on a national scale.

Bringing together a unique combination of technological, pedagogical, and publishing experts, Time to Know has a team of 150 highly experienced professionals designing and building a holistic solution that provides tools for creating, distributing, teaching and analyzing digital learning programs.

Grow with Time To Know

Create - a full featured platform that provides you with an advanced tool for creating any type of digital educational program. From simple activities and workbooks to complete courses, Create™  requires no programming or design skills, providing you with a cost effective solution for your business.

Teach - Teach is the perfect teaching and learning platform for providing a personalized, data driven environment that is teacher-led and student centric, transforming the traditional classroom experience and providing teachers with the educational technology required to really make a difference.

Time to Know English - At Time To Know we have made learning English enjoyable and effective by using smart, engaging, interactive content that is tailored to individual student needs. This ensures that students build a strong foundation of all essential language and communication skills, and makes us a premium English language learning solution for school-aged students.

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