Tool 4.5 – iTEC prototypes for learning design

Within the research of the iTEC project a number of prototype tools were developed to support the design and implementation of innovative Learning Activities. These included:

  • The iTEC Composer – This tool was produce to help teachers find, create, share and adapt Learning Activities and Learning Stories. Read more here.
  • The iTEC People and Events Directory – The directory was produced to provide teachers with access to people who can contribute to the realisation of iTEC learning stories and activities; and events around which learning story implementation and learning activities may be organised. Information about those two resource types is recorded in and can be retrieved from the People & Events directory. Read more here.
  • iTEC Shells and the Widget Store – The Widget Store was developed as an online tool for storing small reusable learning tools in a way in which they could be discovered by teachers and used within their own Learning Platform (VLE, LMS etc.). Several prototype platforms were developed to demonstrate the integration of the tools from the widget store. These platforms are called iTEC Shells. Read more here.