Tool 1.3 – Ranking Trends

Once you have identified a number of trends, you will need to select two or three that are most relevant or important, so that you can use them to build your Future Classroom Scenario.

This activity should take an hour, and works best as part of a face-to-face workshop with the Core Group. If possible, send the list of trends to participants before the workshop. Participants should be in groups of no more than six. All groups can tackle all trends, or the trends can be allocated to one or more groups.

For each trend, groups should, based on their knowledge, expertise and experience, reach a consensus on:

a) How likely the trend is to continue, and grow;
b) How much impact (low to high) the trend will have on learning and teaching or the education system.

There are a number of web tools that can be used to select or rank the most important trends. Two tools are presented here: All Our Ideas and Power League.

1 – All Our Ideas

The web-based tool "All Our Ideas" can be used to create a prioritised list of trends using the trends you have gathered from stakeholders (tool 1.2 – Identifying Relevant Trends). As an example of a trend ranking survey, this is one used by European Schoolnet to rank a set of trends.

The tool is very straightforward. Just vote for one of the two trends presented, based on which trend you think is more important. Continue voting between two trends as long as you like and then, based on all the votes, a ranking of the trends is produced. See the outcome of the ranking at any time by clicking on "View Results".

All Our Ideas website

2 – Power League

Power League is a similar tool to All Our Ideas, and can also be used to rank trends. Create your own "league" using trends you have collected. Learn more how to use the tool in the video:

With Power League, unlike All Our Ideas, anyone using the tool will first need to register and log in.