Toolset 5 – Evaluating Innovation in the Classroom

The final toolset provides guidance in testing Learning Activities in the Classroom. We call this a classroom pilot. Once you have created some innovative Learning Activities, based on Future Classroom Scenarios (see toolset 4), or selected some Learning Activities that have been created by other teachers, the final step is to use them in your lesson planning, and evaluate what challenges and benefits, you and your learners experienced.

The toolset provides a simple guide to using the Learning Activities you have selected or designed, in your teaching, and guidance on how to evaluate the experience. Evaluation is important, as it will provide the evidence you need to adapt the Learning Activities in future and let you know how successful they have been.

The toolset also provides access to teacher stories, from other teachers who have previously used Learning Activities designed from Future Classroom Scenarios. We would also like you to add your own story for other teachers to get inspiration from.

User story

Portuguese teacher, Sonia Barbosa, and several of her students, reflect on their experience of using the iTEC approach to develop and deliver advanced learning and teacher approaches using ICT, following the Future Classroom approach. The video is in Portuguese with English subtitles.

The tools in this toolset

iTEC Project Evaluation results

The full results from the evaluation of classroom Pilots over the 4 years of the iTEC project can be found in the final project evaluation report "Creating the Future Classroom: Evidence from the iTEC project".