Shaping the future of professional learning


How to develop school's learning culture of sharing practice and to engage teachers in coaching and mentoring? How schools and teachers can use video to reflect, analyse, research, share practice and collaborate? The Future Classroom Lab partner, IRIS Connect gives a response to these questions in the webinar that took place on 19 April 2016.

IRIS Connect evolved from a number of research projects into effective professional learning and now supports teachers in 20% of English secondary schools, a growing number of primary schools and universities and is deployed in 15 countries in the EU and other parts of the world.

The system is based on a highly sophisticated and secure web platform, some of the features of which are demonstrated during the webinar. In addition to the overview of the research and proposition which lies behind the development of IRIS Connect, colleagues from Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands describe how they use some aspects of the system in both Initial Teacher Education and on-going professional development.