Flipped Classroom strategy supporting work with refugees


The recording of the webinar on "Flipped Classroom strategy supporting work with refugees", organised by the Future Classroom Lab in collaboration with Sensavis, an FCL industry partner, is now available.

The webinar, which took place 1 June 2016, reveals more about the Sensavis' work in facilitating visual learning by developing the Sensavis 3D classroom.

3D visualisation is seen as a way of helping students understand complex things and including all students in the learning process. This has become even more relevant with the recent large influx of refugees into Sweden. Swedish schools have faced the need to develop new pedagogical approaches to ensure that all new students are provided with: immediate access to education; opportunities to quickly learn Swedish; and learning activities that are both fun and engaging.

Learn in this webinar recording how the Kvarnbackaskolan elementary school in Gnesta, Sweden has adopted a flipped classroom strategy using Sensavis 3D classroom, in order to meet the new challenges posed by the migrant crisis. See the recording below.