Hands-on coding faire in the Future Classroom Lab


As a collateral of the EU Code Week debate on Making every week a Code Week, the Coding Initiative welcomed all the meeting participants to an hands- on coding faire in the Future Classroom Lab.

Everyone had the chance to show their projects, creations, games, apps and was encouraged to experiment with different solutions for teaching and learning how to code. The Code Week ambassadors, showed, for instance, a Code Qube for children to start programming their own website, or LEDs with Little bits, a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks. The participants had also the chance to create their own games and applications using visual programming languages such as Scratch, Kodu or Pocket code, a Scratch-like Android app.

The most creative projects came from the students from the European School of Brussels II,  who were able to show the audience how they built a photoresistor whose LED changed colour when you blocked the light hitting the resistor, or a blue tooth-controlled alarm system that could also be used for multipurpose functions. 

In addition to that, the European Coding Initiative, along with the Future Classroom Lab ambassadors and Learning Labs' network, is organizing an international hackathon during the EU Code Week (20th of October), where teams from schools and learning labs across Europe and beyond will have the chance to build and share their projects. Find more here.