New partners joining the Future Classroom Lab


Within the past months any new industry partners have joined the Future Classroom Lab. With their innovative solutions and expertise, these companies allow European Schoolnet to further extend their outreach to teachers, educational institutions and other relevant stakeholders.

Texas Instruments: interactive projector with Casio - Texas Instruments provides the FCL with an interactive projector that guarantees brightness, resolution, connectivity and easy maintenance.

Steelcase: furniture - The classroom becomes a totally different environment with the furniture solutions provided by Steelcase. See the interview with Dr. Lennie Scott Webber about learning environment design.

Polycom: video lecturing - Polycom RealPresence video solutions, along with its tailored education programmes and content, makes rich blended learning a reality giving teachers the tools to engage students with more interactive and innovative educational experiences.

Vernier: data loggers -  Vernier builds on constructivist- and inquiry-based learning and moves away from the traditional transmission of learning approach. The rapid collection and collation of data gives the teacher more time to spend analysing and explaining what the data means, and less time taken up drawing graphs.

Sensavis: 3D classroom - The 3D Classroom by Sensavis provides an interactive 3D learning experience for elementary schools to higher education.

The most recent partners include Ricoh, HP and Google for Education. Stay tuned for more information!

For more information on the companies' contributions to the Future Classroom Lab, please visit: