Coding Jam is coming up! Save the date 20 October


The European Coding Initiative, along with the Future Classroom Lab Ambassadors, is organising an international online coding jam on 20 October 2017, where teams from schools and learning labs across Europe and beyond will have the chance to build and share their projects.

The organisers will lead the work from the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels, and any team joining up the initiative is most welcome to organise its own branch event, participate to the competition and connect online.

The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness on the importance of digital skills for a digital citizenship and experiment together how engaging and meaningful is to create digital content and tools, and to become makers rather than just consumers of technology.

The coding jam is open to everyone (educators, students, practitioners, parents, policy makers…) and no previous knowledge of computer programming is required. All coding languages (including visual one as Scratch, Kodu, Alice, etc.) are absolutely fine.

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