WEBINAR_ Making it Real: How Innovative Practices & Well-designed Technology Enhance Learning in STEM


Technology-enhanced curriculum can dramatically enhance student engagement, understanding, and retention. Technology can also be an expensive waste of time and resources. How do you separate what works in a real classroom from the marketing hype?

The webinar organised by PASCO together with the Future Classroom Lab on 25 May at 16:00 CEST (convert to your time zone here) will provide tangible examples regarding this topic. In this hour, Dr. Hsu will show you practical solutions and techniques using  technology that greatly helps students overcome misconceptions and build a solid foundation of understanding. Example lessons span a wide range of content areas including physics, chemistry, biology, Earth, and space science. The winning combination integrates curriculum designed around the strengths of technology, and the right technology designed to support curriculum. Participants can take away many ideas for insightful lessons they can use immediately in the classroom.

About the presenter:

Dr. Tom Hsu is internationally known as an innovator in technology for learning science and engineering, is the author of eight published hands-on science programs in the US, and is also an experienced science teacher as well as a former scientist and engineer working on nuclear fusion reactors, copying machines, paper manufacture, printing, bicycles, carpentry, and other things. An inspiring teacher and strong advocate of hands-on learning, Tom has teaching experience from elementary grades through graduate school and holds a Ph.D. in applied plasma physics from MIT where he was nominated for the Goodwin medal for excellence in teaching.

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Everyone attending the webinar participates in a draw of 10 wireless temperature sensors.