Call for Europeana DSI-4 Teacher Ambassadors


European Schoolnet is looking for 12 teachers from 12 different European countries (one teacher per country, teaching either in secondary or primary education) covering a range of disciplines and curriculum topics to join the Europeana DSI-4 project (October 2018 – August 2020) as Europeana Teacher Ambassadors.

The teachers will be required to support the project by leading the development of additional Learning Scenarios with Europeana content; promote and adopt these resources at the national level; facilitate the Europeana Teacher User Group, by coordinating the work of 10 teachers in their country and participate in two face-to-face workshops per project year in the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels, one to take place in the beginning of each academic year and one to be held at the end. The dates of the first workshop are confirmed: 30th November – 1st December 2018.

Ideal teachers should be experienced in producing learning resources, should have proficient knowledge of English (understanding, writing, reading and listening), an interest in learning and sharing experiences and good practices and an interest in creating cultural content.

The full terms and conditions as well as the application form for the teams to apply can be found here.

Deadline to apply: 10 October 2018.