What is entrepreneurial education today and how we can foster an entrepreneurial mind-set? Apply now for a 3 days course for teachers!


Student Talent Bank (ST Bank) is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and aimed at offering relevant high skills and competences about entrepreneurial education to teachers to foster their professional development to manage diversity, early school leaving and increase school engagement.

Within the project, teachers from six countries (Belgium, France, Greece, Netherlands, Romania, and Spain) are offered the great opportunity to participate in a 3 days face-to-face course in Brussels (at the Future Classroom Lab) in March 2019.

The course will provide participants with an overview of entrepreneurship education, in a competence-based and holistic perspective, and it will focus on the implementation of school activities to foster the development of related skills for students and teachers.

Participants will learn about existing competences frameworks (such as EntreComp), innovative pedagogical approaches and how to create positive learning environments that support the development of related skills and an entrepreneurial mind-set: new pedagogies, empathic leadership, inclusiveness, multi-disciplinarily approach, peer-to-peer learning, etc.

Group and individual hands-on activities will be also dedicate to the creation of educational resources and practices and on how to embed them in day-to-day classroom activities.

Join the ST Bank experts in this interesting journey! Apply for the course by 1 December 2018!

For further information and the application form by country, please, visit: