Promoting inclusion of new arrivals in local schools through 3D technology


One of the FCL partners, Sensavis, will support the Swedish Municipality of Ekerö in its efforts to improve school education through integrating educational tools that can help teachers to increase motivation and learning in the classroom in order to include all students in the learning process.

The project aims to enhance inclusion and provide more opportunities for students in the municipality to increase their knowledge of natural science subjects with the aid of the 3D Classroom.

The 3D Classroom is an interactive visual teaching aid that includes students of all ages in the learning process by involving and motivating them to participate more. The tool will also be used to create own educational materials the aim of facilitating integration and providing education for new arrivals. The teachers in the municipality of Ekerö will create an archive of teaching materials in languages such as Arabic, Dari and Farsi by recording the high-quality contents using their own voices and their own approach to easily customise teaching materials. The materials will also be used for flipped classrooms.

For more information, please read the press release here.