'Taner Buzcu' Future Lab (TR)

Description: The institution is a secondary school, and the target group is lower secondary school students aged 10-14. The main purpose of all activities and applications carried out in the lab; is to create an active learner profile in all aspects, able to find solutions to real-life problems, make choices by questioning, take responsibility for learning both individually and in a team, communicate effectively and work in collaboration.

This flexible learning space is accessible to all student groups from different ages. The learning environment is active. With the pilot class application in 2021-2022 education, they have taught Science, Turkish, Social Studies, English, Mathematics and Information Technologies and Software courses in their classroom. The students had the opportunity to develop projects under the guidance of the learning scenarios prepared by the teachers.

The flexible learning area is ready for the use of different classes, departments and branches in this consumption path. The area will be expanded especially in the branches of Science, Turkish, Social Studies, English, Technology Design, Mathematics and Information Technologies, and will be spread over the time by the school administrations.

In the "INTERACTION" area there are computers, mobile phones, tablets which enables students to develop their imaginations and produce innovations.

In the “CREATE" area there are Legos, 3D models, Jigsaw, soundcloud, and they are supported by Befunky(photoedit) tools.

In the “DEVELOP” area where students can do informal learning, portable devices, analog digital games, virtual reality glasses and digital storytelling and narrative tools are used (storyjumper, story bird etc.).

In the “EXCHANGE” area students can learn how to work in harmony with each other by communicating, it also reflects students' sense of belonging, responsibility. It supports their sharing and decision-making processes. In this area interactive board, brainstorming board as well as GoogleDrive, Whiteboard and Explain Everything supported by applications is used. Inquiry-based and inquiry-based to develop critical thinking skills of students are supported.

The “INVESTIGATE” area, where project-based learning opportunities are offered, is filled with observations, experiments, surveys, robots and 3D models.

There is a 'PRESENT' area which supports the flexible learning area, and there is a green screen in this area. Students can present their work in their class, communicate and get feedback.

All these learning areas are designed to support the learning processes of the students.

That will provide easy accessibility between areas and can be redesigned according to needs.

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ADANA/Yüreğir- Yavuzlar mah., Kışla Cd. 239/1 D:1, 01220


Hakan ÖZCAN, School Manager, hakanozcan096@hotmail.com

Ümit Nur ETİKE, English Teacher, umit.etike@gmail.com

Website: https://yavuzlaroo.meb.k12.tr/