Le Centre de Connaissances et de Culture-FCL [3C-FCL]

The 3C-FCL (the Knowledge Center-FCL) is a teaching space in the Lycée de la Venise Verte in Niort, Nouvelle Aquitaine, which was built from scratch in 2018. It is divided into different rooms:

  • The ground floor is a space dedicated to the school library which was redesigned to be more spacious and modular. This modularity enables reading, group work and interaction.
  • Upstairs: 

​>> 3 little glass-paneled rooms enable small groups (of up to 4 or 6 people) to do some team work or to create projects. 

>> 2 rooms which contain mobile and flexible furniture. One has a capacity of 35 people and the other of 20. These two rooms are fully equipped with hybrid and tactile PCs, huge interactive boards with adjustable height and web connectivity. 

The furniture of these two rooms is fully flexible to meet the teaching demands and make active teaching and learning easier. One of these two rooms has a green balcony with plants, grass etc. Thus, some students can choose to work outside when the weather is fine. There, they can use the wall-mounted whiteboards. 

The other room is fully equipped with video conference equipment for webinars, online courses or even video conferences between colleagues possible (colleagues abroad, Erasmus projects…).

>> 1 room where our Fablab is slowly becoming reality: it contains some audio-visual equipment (a green screen, spotlights, video editing software, a 4K video camera) and a large tactile monitor that can be adjusted horizontally, vertically or at different angles. There are also a desktop cutting machine and a 3D printer.

These different rooms are open to all the students during their courses, but they are also meant to accommodate different long-term external and internal trainings. Students and teachers from other schools, seminar participants are also welcomed here to work on various projects such as active teaching. The main goal is to develop the XXI century skills of students and teachers by using a redesigned, flexible and digital environment to make active teaching and learning easier to implement.


Commercial partnership

Nothing official but We've been working with many companies such as Manutan Collectivité – Marcireau – Sonomax


More information


  • Pierre Castro, DDFTP, groupe FCL - NFS
  • Pauline Mazereau, English Teacher, RUPN
  • Simon Tournerie, Life & Earth Science Teacher, RUPN



Lycée de la Venise Verte  - 71 Rue Laurent Bonnevay BP 3600 F-79012 Niort Cedex FRANCE