Acer Ricoh Interactive Classroom

Ricoh and Acer have developed an ‘Interactive Classroom' which serves as a model solution for the digital classroom of the future. This space has been designed to help education institutions achieve ‘digital maturity', and gives them the necessary knowledge to make optimal use of technology in order to achieve the best possible teaching and learning outcomes.

The Interactive Classroom is located in the headquarters of Ricoh in Hannover and presents a large variety of hard- and software as well as a flexible classroom set-ups. The space is equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard D5500 Ricoh; Videoconferencing System P3500 Ricoh;  Acer PCs, tablets, notebooks; Ricoh Multi projection; Acer Classroom Manager; Cloudboard of Conen with interactive projector PJ WX4141NI Ricoh; Ricoh Learning Table v; Interactive Whiteboard ActivPro 587 Pro Promethean with Ricoh projector PJ WX4141N; Camera WG-4GPS Ricoh, etc.

Inspired by the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) at European Schoolnet in Brussels, the Interactive Classroom is divided in seven ‘Learning Zones' with each space highlighting specific areas of learning and teaching. Five of these zones were also showcased in a mobile Interactive Classroom truck first presented at the Didacta - The Education Trade Fair in Hannover in March 2015. 

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Vahrenwalder Straße 315,
30179 Hannover, Germany