La salle ACTIF (France)

The FCL in Petit Quevilly, Normandy France was opened in September 2015 at the Collège Denis Diderot for 11-15 year olds, called the ‘salle @ctif' (action, creation, technology, innovation, future). The classroom is divided into zones (present, create, investigate, develop, go further) with a green screen in the create zone. All the furniture in the room are on wheels or moveable providing a flexible space for teachers and students to arrange the space according to the needs of groups. This space focuses on bringing innovative teaching methods into everyday teaching, creating opportunities for sharing for students and teachers and allowing experimentation.

The projects run in this room are available for students of all ages in the school and also for younger students in local primary schools for joint projects between schools and classes. Teachers of all subjects are welcome to use the room with a special emphasis on encouraging interdisciplinary projects. Training sessions for teachers from schools in the region allow sharing of good practice and discussing of ideas for innovative ways of learning and the smartboard and installed wifi system have allowed opportunity for sharing and video conferencing with schools  and teachers further away and around Europe. 

Projects encourage the discovery of new technologies and allow students to choose the most appropriate tool for their work; initial projects focused on creation of flashcodes, collaborative sites and green screen videos. Additional key focus points include helping students to develop speaking competences particularly through the use of the present zone and also creating opportunities for students to go further in science (special focus on girls) and coding. 

Equipment available to students include laptops, tablets, smartboard, flip cameras, MP3, thymio robots. Initial funding was provided by the school and donations from businesses including an architect firm who provided advice on layout and design. The school maintenance team adapted unused equipment for use in the room.  Funding requests for equipment are in process to educational organizations. 

The @ctif project is recognized as an innovative teaching project (December 2015) and is part of a three-year experimentation programme with local external support. The @ctif project is a candidate for the national innovation in teaching project of the year 2016.    

More information:

Find out more about La salle ACTIF and the process of building a Future Classroom in a K12 school in this webinar.




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