Courses 2024

European Schoolnet has organised fee-based courses in its own training venue since 2012. Future Classroom Lab is a unique and inspiring learning environment in Brussels, that challenges visitors to rethink the role of pedagogy, technology, and design in their classrooms. The training opportunities include 5-day workshops and courses to address today's teaching challenges and the classrooms of the future. 




Designing Active Learning: Attain competencies in creating interactive, student-centered lessons and adapting teaching methods to diverse learning styles.


Inclusive Classroom Practices: Achieve competencies in creating inclusive learning environments and differentiating instruction for diverse student needs.


STEM Education Innovation: Gain proficiency in implementing innovative teaching methods in STEM subjects and integrating real-world applications and project-based learning.


Fostering Creativity and Innovation: Attain competencies in fostering creativity and innovation in teaching and learning, along with developing creative lesson plans and projects.


Technology Integration: Accomplish competencies in using interactive technologies for enhanced classroom experiences and creating interactive and engaging digital content.

Data-Driven Instruction: Gain proficiency in data collection, analysis, and usage for informed instruction, as well as integrating innovative technologies effectively in your classroom.