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Create Zone - Future Classroom LabThe future classroom allows the students to plan, design, and produce their own work - for example, a multimedia production or a presentation. In the Create zone, simple repetition of information is not enough: students work with real knowledge-building activities. Interpretation, analysis, teamwork, and evaluation are important parts of the creative process. 

Key points for Create

  • Learning by creating: the learners are actively involved in producing and creating their own content. This allows learners to exercise their imaginations, and to innovate.
  • Using engaging technology: ICT provides a number of ways to design, create and disseminate learner-generated content.
  • Developing learners' soft skills: the students develop their soft skills through project-based work, including presentation, planning, and teamwork.
  • Giving students independence and ownership over their learning: enhancing students' engagement with the task, and helping to foster their sense of personal responsibility.
  • Creating for real-life: students' social entrepreneurship can be triggered by initiating and implementing projects aimed to increase the wellbeing of the school or local community.
  • Showcasing student work: students can develop over time their learning portfolios, which can help them to link between different disciplines, and provide a real-life context to their classwork.

Useful equipment

  • Chroma key
  • High-definition video camera
  • Digital camera (pocket)
  • Flip camera
  • Video editing software
  • Audio recording equipment (e.g. microphones)
  • Podcast software
  • Animation software
  • Streaming software

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