As a team with extensive experience in the field of educational furniture, we have closely examined, listened to, and analyzed the challenges of teaching in our schools today.

Conventional school desks not only impede teachers as well as students when designing lessons, but also stifle many attempts at modern, effective teaching from the get-go. Even more recent approaches with triangular tables quickly reach their limits when it comes to classic lecture or exam situations.

Solving these challenges is our motivation. Our finalized development efforts have led to new products that can change and improve teaching. As a producer of school furniture for flexible and cooperative learning we have developed different kinds of seating furniture, storage units, acoustic-elements as well as our genious pentagon table EWT.5 for students and teachers.

With our new pentagon table EWT.5 we achieve diversity through reduction.

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Tables are more than just counters for folders and books. Much more. That's exactly where we begin with our pentagon table EWT.5. This table's unique design is a communication miracle, creating teaching situations in which all participants can look each other in the eye, learn with one another and enjoy constructive exchanges.



We address every teacher as well as each teaching situation equally:

  • One table for all learning concepts and forms of teaching.
  • One table for everyone - put an end to the multitude of different table sizes and shapes!
  • Universally usable: from primary school to adult education.
  • Nevertheless extremely flexible, versatile, and adaptably combinable.



All of our innovative school furniture, our pentagon table as well as our seating furniture, storage units and acoustic-elements, is „made in Germany" and meets the highest demands. Our in-house developed and legally protected tables, cabinets, and acoustic elements directly influence the interaction in school classes, encourage the integration of a social framework and establish new enthusiasm for teaching and for learning - as a cooperation.

The confrontational factor of the classic teacher-pupil constellation breaks away, providing new impulses for dynamic teaching concepts.