FCL ambassadors


The work of the Future Classroom Lead Ambassadors is to promote and help mainstream the results of European Schoolnet's projects and the concept of the Future Classroom Lab, and to support educational innovation in local networks of teachers.

The Lead Ambassadors are networked professionals who address local audiences of teachers and their task is to support innovation and professional development. They are appointed by the national Ministry of Education (or an agency working on its behalf).

European Schoolnet is centrally supporting the work of the Lead Ambassadors by organising online monthly meetings throughout the year, and on-site meetings/workshops which usually take place twice a year.

The Ambassadors share their work in quarterly Digests and Podcast episodes. A Ministry of Education thinking to join the Future Classroom Ambassador network should get in contact with Bart Verswijvel (bart.verswijvel@eun.org) to schedule a personalised discussion.


The work of the Lead Ambassadors has been focusing on the following elements:

  • Dissemination: Reaching out to teachers and disseminating European as well as local initiatives.
  • Creating formalised networks for teachers or innovative schools: The ambassadors create a national network of innovative teachers. In some countries regional ambassadors support the work of a Lead Ambassador.
  • Training of teachers: The FCL Ambassadors organise both on-site and online trainings. The trainings cover a wide range of topics to promote innovative teaching practices in a technology enhanced innovative learning space.
  • Support of the concept of the Future Classroom Lab: In many countries, the Lead Ambassadors are closely connected to a learning lab inspired by the Future Classroom Lab and use this venue as a hub for their work. The ambassadors may also support the development of new learning labs and/or development of a national network of learning labs.
  • Giving support to MOOCs: The ambassadors have been supporting some EUN Academy courses by giving local language support.
  • Validation projects Industry Partners: The ambassadors build relationships with industry partners and occasionally set up validation projects to test edtech solutions in a pedagogical context.