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The Future Classroom Lab community consists of a diverse group of actors, from educators and practitioners, to policymakers, researchers, and industry representatives. The FCL brings together different stakeholders and facilitates exchange and collaboration among them.

The group of Future Classroom Lab Lead Ambassadors support European Schoolnet to promote and mainstream the results of different projects in their countries and regions. They also support educational change and innovation by facilitating local school and teacher networks, promoting new pedagogical practices, and connecting local educators to the European scene of educational innovation.

Over the years, various actors have been inspired by the idea of the Future Classroom Lab and have developed their own learning labs which often introduce or adapt the concept of the FCL Learning Zones. To link these initiatives, the FCL has developed the Network of Innovative Learning Labs which features innovative spaces modelled on the FCL concept but adapted to local needs and circumstances. Learning spaces that are part of the network regularly exchange between themselves on topics such as learning lab management, cooperation with third actors, teacher training activities, etc.

The FCL has a mission to support school innovation and challenge education actors to rethink the role of pedagogy, technology, and space. Since the beginning, a number of commercial actors have supported the sustainability of the FCL space and initiative. The community of FCL industry partners provide the lab with some of the latest technology and equipment created for schools, and benefit from a number of benefits and networking opportunities throughout the year.

A number of European Schoolnet’s member ministries of education have expressed interest in the area of school innovation and classroom set up. The Interactive Classroom Working Group has been created to bring together these actors to explore common areas of concern, share experience, and address policy challenges related to the integration of a wide range of new trends and technologies in the classroom and their impact on teaching and learning.

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