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GSMA logoThe GSM family of technologies has provided the world with mobile communications since 1991. In over twenty years of development, GSM has been continually enhanced to provide platforms that deliver an increasingly broad range of mobile services as demand grows. GSM is now used in 219 countries and territories serving more than three billion people and providing travellers with access to mobile services wherever they go.

Mobile learning and education

Mobile connectivity enables new ways of teaching and learning that will ultimately improve educational performance and results, while opening up new markets for mobile operators across the world. Mobile devices make it easier to access up-to-date educational materials, facilitate collaboration and strengthen learner engagement.

To help mobile operators become familiar with this new space, we have produced a series of mobile education reports which we hope you will find useful.

The GSMA's Mobile Education initiative aims to accelerate the adoption of mobile education solutions; in particular, the use of mobile-enabled portable devices, such as e-Readers and tablets, in mainstream education settings. This global initiative seeks to understand and address the barriers and opportunities in this emerging market.


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