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"We aspire to create environments where our interactive and integrated solutions lead to inspiring human interactions."


Mission statement

We redefine the way our customers communicate, teach, meet and collaborate. As the world of collaboration and communication has evolved – so have we. ​​Our open ecosystem of interactive technology solutions for the classroom or workplace are simple to use and easy to integrate. ​​​Through our dedicated worldwide channel and partner network, we seek to make our technology solutions accessible to anyone, anywhere. ​​We strive to grow our business and overcome challenges with the same integrity we use to create our solutions: by challenging the status quo of traditional communication. ​​Our innovations will always be inspired by you.


What does the future of education look like?

Incorporating Edtech into your classroom can bring benefits to your students, colleagues and school district. Using our digital education ecosystem, you can customize the teaching solution that best meets the needs of your classroom and its digital transformation.


Helping teachers meet their goals

An optimal learning environment requires the right tools that are developed with an awareness of the digitalization process in education, as well as all of the challenges that come with it. With over 50 years of experience in education and over 10 years of experience in education technology, we know how to navigate today's challenges in education. Our solutions are being developed and co-created with teachers to ensure that we can offer a solution to meet their needs and tackle their challenges. We offer a broad range of products that are for the benefit of both the teacher and the student. Our solutions form an important part of the digital education ecosystem, which allows you to design your inspiring and interactive learning environment. We are your partner for inclusive digital learning and innovation in education. Keeping your everyday environment in mind, we are able to create solutions that meet your goals, curriculum, student needs and teaching style. We focus on not just the use of technology, but the importance of the correct use of technology, because it makes a world of difference for students and teachers. All of our solutions are simple to use and easy to integrate into the existing infrastructure of your school.


Our Digital Education Ecosystem

No school or classroom is the same, which is why our solutions allow you to create your own custom solution covering all of your needs. With the i3TOUCH at the center of the ecosystem, you can integrate our education tools in ways which are unique, efficient and effective for your learning environments.


Interactive teaching studio

All of the tools you need to make teaching easy, successful and interactive are at your fingertips, literally. Using i3LEARNHUB there are no app installations required. Simply log in from your IFP or computer and you can start teaching in three clicks. i3LEARNHUB allows you to stream classes online and collaborate on the same board, all in the same application. Online teaching and distance learning is a breeze. Using our integration with Google Classroom, you can easily take your lessons from face-to-face to online, or go hybrid. Easily share your lessons and exercises in i3LEARNHUB with the students linked to your Google Classroom.


Versatile Classroom

The flexible classroom allows the teacher and students to incorporate movement into their learning activities. Rather than being sat at desks for the whole day, the flexible classroom allows the teacher to adapt the room to the lesson or activity, creating a more hands-on environment and increasing engagement and collaboration amongst students. For the students in the younger grades and kindergarten it's not always easy to sit still at their desk and work in their workbook. A flexible classroom gives them space to move while they're learning and it helps them focus much better.

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